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Since the Bar El Comercio was founded, in 1904, its stages have been many and varied. From its founding, the business of the Rivera family was, besides a bar, a restaurant and small hotel. Merchants of the region used to travel to Sevilla to do business, specially in this, the most comercial area of town.

Over the original and centenary marble table tops, have placed their hands and enjoyed the heartwarming atmosphere of this coffee-bar, well regarded personalities of cultural, arts, and bullfighting life of Seville.

Nowadays, to walk through the doors of the Bar El Comercio is to be transported in time, observing how all is conserved as it was at the time of its stablishment almost one century ago: the display cabinets hanging from the walls, the painted tiles decorating the counter. its tables ... is to be back in the golden days of the town.


Traditionally, the Bar El Comercio has been handed down from one generation to the next, and today the tradition continues, managed by Francisco Rivera and his wife.

In this day and age, with its fast paced life, to walk in this stablishment is to recover a few moments of serenity to enjoy an aromatic coffee, or exquisite "churros" with chocolate, which many regard without a doubt the best in town. This pleasing atmosphere is nurtured by those who work here daily to tender the clients that walk through this centenary doors.


If you trully want to enjoy a quiet moment and be delighted by the aroma of fine coffeee and exquisite chocolates, we invite you to discover this singular and history filled coffee-bar. You will revive historical moments leaning over the counter or at the aged cast iron and marble tables, while you discover the small details of historical Bar El Comercio.

We await you with the care and attention that you deserve to enjoy with us a place where its seems time stood still.

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